How To Use Hashtag The Right Way On Social Media Sites

Not only users but also many best social media advertising companies have incorporated it in brand promotion have adopted Hashtags-the rising trend over every social media platform. However, not everybody knows the right use of it. If used properly, a hashtag, which is “#” signs that enable users to categorize social media content. In this way, it becomes easier for users to access related content. It can increase online visibility of a message while boosting the social shares. However, when used inappropriately, it can negatively affect the credibility on social media. You might notice a rapid decrease in social activities too.

I have highlighted some criteria according to which you can appropriately use hashtags on any social media site without annoying the bots and the followers. Read on!

The Use of Hashtags on Facebook

It is better first to ask the question whether to use hashtags on Facebook or not?

Many surveys were conducted and according to their data, it is observed that hashtags on Facebook create a negative impact on brand promotion. They do not boost engagement. It means that you should better save yourself by wiping off hashtags from your post. Moreover, Facebook does not identify hashtags in its search bar. If you want to search it, than the only way is to find hashtags directly by clicking on the hashtag in a post.

The Use of Hashtags on Twitter

Twitter is the platform, which has introduced the use of hashtags back in 2007. However, the appropriate limit of using a hashtag in a twitter post is either twice or thrice but not more than that. These hashtags tends to enhance engagement on the content by at least 21%.

The Use of Hashtags on Instagram

Many social media companies prefer using more hashtags on the images uploaded on Instagram. The photos having 11+ hashtags gain most interactions.

The Use of Hashtags on Pinterest

Hashtags on Pinterest leads to greater search results. It means that if you have a hashtag present in the description of your Pin, many Pinners can easily click through to locate similar content having those keywords.

Best advertising firms suggest not using too many hashtags in a post. When you plan to use hashtags in a pin on Pinterest, it is good to use as little as possible. Furthermore, you can customize your own hashtag, which people clicks for finding your content or boards related to your board.

The Use of Hashtags on Google+

Google+ hashtags are assigned automatically to posts. However, one can edit them, and add their own.
Google+ let users include hashtags in their comments as well. It gives post greater opportunities to be searched. It is best to add around two to three hashtags.

The Use of Hashtags on YouTube

According to a survey conducted by many reputable sites, most hashtags are included in the comment section on YouTube. One can incorporate hashtags for categorizing their content to make it easily accessible by topic, by using a keyword as a foundation for their hashtags.

By BlueDigitalAvenue At August 28, 2017